Van Gogh Repetition @ Phillips Collection

I went to go see Van Gogh Repetition exhibition this past Saturday. I must say, not because he is one of my favorite artist but he shows how genious an artist can be. You can see his process in decision making; never afraid to make changes. As a painter making certain changes can be overwhelming but it is through changes that we develop a satisifying piece of art. Through repetitional work is how we may perfect our unique ownership of color, perspective and  deliberation; taking control of time. Van Gogh, as many of us was inspired by many artist (in this particular exhibition Paul Gauguin), which led him to what you can see at Phillips Collection. When and where else will you have a chance to see such insightful works of art from a hundred years ago? I suggest you make some time to see this amazing exhibition, especially because it is rare to see these repetitive pieces in one place. Most paintings are set in different museums across the country and world and for only 12 bucks you get to see most of them in one room.  Check it out and tell me what you think, I will be excited to hear! Click on the link below for info.

Phillips Collection – Van Gogh Repetition

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